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Endless Roar is an electroacoustic free-improvisation group who use audio-reactive technology to drive visuals through layered video projections. Saxophones, drums, double-bass and electronic effects oscillate between dense rhythmic energy and free-floating spaciousness. Video projection on multiple surfaces react to the music, and are specially created for each program and performance space.

Endless Roar has been an active experimental music group since 2014, and release their first  vinyl "RUSH HUSH" with Jersika  Records on October 25 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 16.54.41.png






Arvydas Kazlauskas, one of Latvia’s foremost saxophonists uses a combination of electronic devices which allows him to transform and loop the sounds of his 3 saxophones in surprising and creative ways. 

Jachin Pousson, composer, visual artist and drummer, plays drums and a variety of electronics while controlling visuals.

Stanislav Yudin is a prominent double bassist appearing on multiple notable recordings, and is equally well-versed in orchestral, jazz, metal, and free improvisation. He similarly uses a variety of electronic devices to loop and transform his sound. 


Endless Roar has evolved since its conception within the Noise genre, moving through Ambient Drone, Post-Rock and Free Jazz to arrive at it’s current state which is Free Improvisation, taking a necessary step away from the jazz vocabulary. However, we’ve kept elements of each style as we’ve grown, such as the loop and effect pedals, the synthesised noise shaper, and the electric guitar.

We’ve always been fascinated with trying to use new tech and gadgets to create our performances. We play and experiment a lot with tools like projectors, cameras, VJ software, loopers and effects, and try to form a kind of interaction from which something more than the music can emerge.

The music itself is necessarily free improvisation because at its core, Endless Roar is about creating circumstances where a small group of musicians can access and express their most exciting ideas and take full advantage of their unique skills together in real-time. Unlike free improvisation bands who claim to ‘show up and see what happens’, we spend a lot of time rehearsing and testing the technology.

We love playing this type of music because in doing so we learn to listen more and more carefully and creatively. It’s not about breaking all musical rules for the sake of it, it’s more about making up your own rules as you go along, together with others to discover what could be. It’s a conversation, a game of evolving and shifting moods and feelings, a microcosm of social life. We invite the listener to play a creative role in listening also, and to make one’s own story and experience of it, together with us.

past concerts

October 2014 - Kanepes Kulturas Centres, Riga

February 2015 - Decibels Festival, Riga

February 2015 - Aristids, Riga

November 2015 - Aptieka, Riga

August 2016 - Waterpieces Festival, Riga

August 2017 - Waterpieces Festival, Riga

October 2017 - Zemlika Festival, Durbe

October 2017 - Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils

October 2017 - JVLMA Great Hall, Riga - review here

July 2018 - Kometa Festival, Riga

September 2018 - Kanepes Kulturas Centres, Riga

September 2018 - JVLMA Great Hall, Riga - review here

April 2019 - Jūras Vārti, Ventspils





  • Saxophones + FX pedal

  • Contrabass + FX pedal

  • Full Drum Kit

  • Electric Guitar

  • Keyboard + Midi Controller

  • Contrabass Microphone

  • Video Projector for onstage monitor

  • 2 x Computers
    - Audio Computer

       - Video Computer

  • 2 x Sound Cards
    - 2 Outputs from Audio Computer to Mixer

       - 4 Inputs from Mixer to Video Computer

  • Cables labelled blue
    - 3 USB, 1 Jack, 2 HDMI​


  • Professional sound technician to set up before sound check time.

  • Stereo PA + Bass Woofer

  • 3 x Monitors

  • Mixer:
    - Inputs: 4 Jack, 5 XLR inputs
    - Outputs: 4 Jack Aux, 3 Monitors, Stereo L+R

  • Saxophone Mic

  • Drum Mics: minimum 2, for snare and bass drum

  • Vocal Mic: for speaking

  • Smoke Machine controlled from stage

  • Basic Stage Lighting

  • Cables labelled orange

      - 8 Jacks: 4 in, 4 out - 10 XLR: 5 in, 5 out

  • 2 x 8000 Lumen Video Projectors

      - Main Projector 1 + Stand

      - Main Projector 2 + Stand

  • HDMI Splitter 1

  • HDMI Splitter 2

  • Cables labelled green

       - 3 x HDMI Cables - 30m, 3m, 3m



Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 16.59.48.png

stage LAYOUT plan

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 17.00.02.png


Each concert program is designed and themed specifically for the space and context of the event. We have performed in museums, cathedrals, festivals, conservatories, cultural centres and bars. 

Themes have included the art of Mark Rothko, Drone videography in Riga, Cymatics, Noise/Glitch, Space Travel, and Macro videography. Speak to us if you have a specifically themed event or program request.

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